Human resources
Human resources acts as the basis of continuing operation and competitive advantage, aims to foster talented staffs as one of this companyˇ¦s policies.
To further improve team performance, we deploy sound personnel system to employ the right person for the right assignment with proper training, performance review, motivation and promotion. Other than these, career planning and development, efficient communication, pleasant working environment and effective management system are also implemented to ensure that personal career aligns with the goal set by the company.
"Staff Welfare"
We provide complete welfare program for the benefit of our staffs from various aspects.
* Safe and comfortable working environment
* Enjoy 7 days pay leave after probation
* Hygienic staff dining room and canteen
* Staff parking lot and dormitory
* Labor insurance, health insurance and pension system by law
* Staff group insurance provides life insurance and covers accidents as a whole
* Overseas travel insurance safeguard all business trips
* Domestic and foreign tour allowance
* Cash and stock bonus
* Department store coupon for 3 major holidays and birthday
* Plant clinic with a doctor at fixed hours and a nurse offers free medical treatment and
* Regular staff physical exam program
* Allowance for occasions of marriage, funeral, birth and hospitalization
* Company working uniform and shoes
* Bookshelves provide books and magazines