AOC Policy on Conflict-free Minerals

Arima Optoelectronics responded positively to the global boycott of conflict minerals, and promise not to use conflict minerals, do not accept from the Central African region of the Congo and neighboring countries in conflict mined raw ore material to ensure that the tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten ( W), gold (Au) and other four metals, does not come from the democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries and armed groups control the mining area affected by mining.

Arima Optoelectronics also require suppliers to fulfill the prohibition of the use of the above-mentioned "conflict minerals." Metal exports of the following countries do not meet the "conflict-free specification"DRCRwandaUgandaBurundiTanzaniaKenya (United Nations Security Council determined that these countries are all mineral veins of the Congo, as areas of conflict)